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First of all, Congratulations on your Engagement!

Let us be the first to wish you all the best in the years to come.  But first, let's get you set up with all of the tools you will need to host the best wedding ceremony and wedding reception in Kansas City, Overland Park, Leawood or other KC area.  We are a local Kansas City company who's only interest is to help you plan the perfect wedding ceremony and reception for you & your family and friends.  There is NO CHARGE or SIGN UP required to use this site!  We are FREE.

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Kansas City Wedding Venues

Location, location, location - you should start by finding the best location to accommodate you, your local family and friends and most importantly your guests who will be coming in from out of town.  Kansas City seems small to us who live here, but it can be very complex and overwhelming to visitors from out of town if you don't plan your wedding ceremony and wedding reception carefully.  Based on our expertise, we recommend that you stick to one of the following areas of Kansas City:

The Power and Light District - Downtown

Due to the recent popularity of the Power and Light District and the surrounding BOOM of wedding venues in the downtown Kansas City area, many couples are turning to this area to host their wedding ceremony and reception.  There are multiple churches, cathedrals, reception venues, halls, lofts and other wedding event spaces that have recently cropped up in the downtown KC area.  In our wedding venues section we have them listed with details for you.

Overland Park / Leawood

Overland Park and Leawood are great wedding reception locations because they are safe, upscale and close to home.  There are an abundance of large hotels in Overland Park around 435 and Metcalf including The Overland Park Sheraton next door to the Overland Park Convention Center.  There are also numerous country clubs in Leawood and Overland Park that are perfect for wedding receptions.  See wedding venues for a listing of all Overland Park and Leawood venues.

Midtown / Plaza Area

Midtown and the Plaza are Kansas City classic locations that host a miriad of excellent wedding reception venues, churches and cathedrals, and offer a great view of what makes Kansas City great.  See our wedding venues section for a listing of Midtown / Plaza venues.

Kansas City Wedding Photographers

Your wedding day should be captured with style and grace, preserving the memories of your special day for generations to come.  Choosing the right Kansas City wedding photographer is a very important decision in your wedding planning process.  A good place to start is to find an example of what you want your wedding pictures to look like.  Look online or maybe you have a friend or relative who has great wedding photos, simply get a reference from them!  If you want to browse around, please see our list of wedding photographers.

Kansas City Wedding Cakes

Hooray!  Probably the most enjoyable part of the wedding planning, picking out your special wedding cake.  Who doesn't like sitting around, sampling chocolate vs. velvet chocolate, carrot vs. vanilla bean, oh and the list goes on and on.  Next to picking out and visiting all of the great Kansas City wedding venues, picking out your wedding cake is a journey that your whole family might even want to join you on.  You might even get the groom to be out on this excursion!  There are several excellent wedding cake bakery specialists in Kansas City, see our list of wedding cakes and choose the one that best suits you!

Kansas City Wedding Planners

If you're having a large wedding reception then you might want to consider hiring a wedding planner to help you tie everything together and stay on top of deadlines, vendors, and general planning duties.  From the very beginning stage of choosing your venue, band, photographer, cake, etc. all the way through to the big day when a wedding planner can make or break a wedding reception with their ability to successfully manage your wedding reception.  We have a great list of Kansas City wedding planners for you to review.

Kansas City Wedding DJ

Well, if you can't afford a band (or don't know any bands that owe you a favor - haha) then you're probably looking at hiring a DJ.  DJs are also good for wedding reception venues that are too small for a live band.  Choosing the perfect wedding dj is crucial to the success of your wedding reception.  A good wedding DJ should be around $500.00, agree to have a sit down meeting with you before the big day, and take advance requests from you about what type of songs that you want played at your wedding reception.  Keep in mind that a wedding DJ and a Hip-Hop DJ are two completely different things.  A wedding DJ is classy, well dressed and well spoken (doesn't speak in Ebonics, etc.) and can make announcements in a classy tone throughout the evening.  A Hip Hop DJ is mainly for nightclubs and loft parties, etc.  We have an excellent list of Kansas City wedding DJs for you to look over.

Kansas City Wedding Bands

Now for something really special, you can impress your guests with an amazing Kansas City wedding band.  Nothing says class and sophistication like a live band at your wedding.  Hiring a DJ basically says to your guests that you're either poor, or well, you're poor.  But if you really want to impress your group, hire an incredible wedding band for your reception.  After we surveyed over 200 couples who attended at least 3 or more wedding receptions over the past 2 years, 5% of them remembered the food they had at the weddings, 15% remembered the wedding reception venue, less than 5% remembered what the flowers or the center pieces even looked like, but over 50% of the guests remembered the band.  Think that over when you're planning out your budget!  Might want to cut back a little on the food and those overpriced center pieces and invest in a good band instead.  We have a great list of Kansas City wedding bands for you to browse.

Kansas City Wedding Dresses

Choosing a great wedding dress should be fun!  Be sure that you find a stylish but trendy wedding dress maker or store.  If they serve champaigne while you're trying on dresses, that would be a plus as the process of trying on 10 or more wedding dresses can be a tiresome process.  Get a nice glass of the bubbly in your hand while you and your mother or bride's maids help you decide on a perfect wedding dress.  We have an excellent list of wedding dresses and dress makers.

Kansas City Wedding Shows